John [and his team] were all so sweet and fun! John was like a ninja, he blended in with the guest and you wouldn’t even realize he was there most of the time. When he did the “posed” photos, he made everyone feel comfortable and had a way of making it smooth.
— Jessica Schank



a Nashville Wedding Photographer

John is located in Nashville, Tennessee but often travels all over the state and beyond for weddings and portraits. Born in Washington D.C, he moved here 20+ years ago from Rochester, NY.  Having spent most of his life in Nashville there is no other city he'd rather be.  John is married to his beautiful wife, Melissa, and has two of the craziest, loving, sometimes difficult but overall incredible kids, Weston age 2, and Colton age 5.  




Our Nashville Wedding Videographer

Erica leads our video team in managing and producing the high quality cinematic films you see on our website.  She lives, works, eats and sleeps in Nashville and this city has been her home for many years now.  Originally from St. Louis, Missouri, she came to Nashville to establish her video career after graduating college with a film education.  Her experience includes commercial and other niches but she found through her journey the fun and joy of filming weddings.  Also an incredible photographer, Erica's talent and eye for creating unique and edgy cinematic films for our couples separates us from other traditional artists.