FAQ - Videography

Why should I invest in a wedding film?

A wedding is only one day and it is such a blur when you experience it. The day is one that you have invested so much time in and effort and money. It is a time that you celebrate your love for one another with the people most important to you. 

A wedding film will capture moments that sometimes a picture cannot. It  reminds you of the vows you spoke, the hugs you shared, the way your new husband or wife pulled you onto the dance floor for your first dance. It will capture the voices of all of your favorite people in one place, cheering as you walk back down the aisle as husband and wife. These are the moments worth remembering and they will provide you with an complete experience that photos alone can’t provide

Do you use lights?

We want to insure that we provide you with the highest quality wedding video which sometimes means we will use lights. The most common use is during the reception and we use them so that all of the video is crisp and clean. We understand that you may want soft and romantic lighting so we only use the lights when needed and turn them off when not required.

Do you film elopements?

Yes absolutely. We love the simplicity that elopements provide and how deeply focused on the couple they can be. Please feel free to contact us for special pricing and more information on elopements. 

Will you use a drone?

Yes we can!  We own a DJI Phantom 4 Pro that can provide some incredible aerial footage and photos.  Drone coverage is not included in the base package but can be added to any wedding day.  

Do you have a set structure for the day?

No. Each wedding is different, and each bride and groom is different. Our videographers try their best to get everything they can from the day, using our creative backgrounds to ensure you get a product you are happy with. If there’s anything different about your day, please let us know before the wedding and we will do our best to capture it.

What is the difference between a highlight film and raw footage?

The final product of the wedding videography is the highlight film. Raw footage is unedited footage of the moments we capture throughout the day and then use to complete the highlight film.  Raw footage is not part of the base package but can be added to any wedding day. 

Can we choose the music for the film? 

Due to licensing constraints we can’t choose any song available in the world.  Instead we have to purchase the rights to use the song in a highlight film.  It would be impossible to license popular music so instead we use a library of licensed songs that we can legally use in the films.  We will choose the song based on the vibe, mood and flow of your wedding day.  The music will dictate the way the film is edited.  

What will the sound quality be like?

Getting really good audio is a big deal for us. We always strive to achieve the best possible quality audio through tie-clip mics and at any one time, have at least multiple hidden microphone sources stationed to ensure that we don’t miss anything and that the ‘I dos’ are as crisp and clean as possible.

How long until I can expect to receive the completed highlight film?

We aim to get the highlight film to you within 4 - 6 weeks. This is an estimation, in our busiest periods it can potentially take up to 8 weeks. Our editors try their hardest to get your wedding completed as quickly as possible but not compensating  the quality of the final product. We don’t rush the editing as we want to get the best out the footage, so we ask that our couples remain patient and we will keep you updated on the process.

Why do you require a nonrefundable retainer and contract?

We require a nonrefundable retainer to reserve your date and hold it so if anyone else inquires, we can refer them to someone else. We require a contract to clearly lay out the terms and conditions for both parties so there is no gray area. 

What does the final product consist of? Video length? Extras?

A typical highlight film will be 4 - 5 minutes long.  For an additional charge we can make the highlight film 8 - 10 minutes or even longer.  

Aside from the retainer and contract, is there anything else we would need to move forward?

No, that is all we need! Approximately a month before your wedding date we will reach out and have you fill out our videography questionnaire to help ensure that every important moment is captured.