Should you get an album?

An album is something that you will look at time and time again.   When I photograph the wedding I shoot thinking about the story of the day and how it would flow in an album.  When friends and relatives come over to visit, you will get the album out to share with them.   It is a piece of art that will sit out and will be so convenient to pick up and reminisce about your wedding day.  Looking through the pages on anniversaries is enjoyable.  You will share the images with your children and they will share it with theirs.  The experience viewing digital images on an iPhone or iPad just isn't the same.  

The albums are custom made by a company that only distributes to professional photographers.  You will see the difference between the quality of these heirlooms and the ones anyone can order somewhere else.  

What next?

It's easy to order an album!   You pick what size and how many pages you'd like to have in the album.  We then carefully design the album in way that tells the story of the day from beginning to end.  We then provide you with a link so you can make any notes or changes! After that, we send your design to the lab for printing! Albums take anywhere from 4-6 weeks from the time we send in the order!

(9.25% sales tax is added to final price)

8"x8" = $650 | 10"x10" = $800 | 12"x12" = $950

Fuji Crystal Archive Paper

Flush-Mount Pages 1mm Thick

Custom Leather Cover w/ 20 Spreads (40 Pages)

Additional Spreads - $15 Per Spread